Hello friends! :D I haven't been posting in a while.... but the holiday season is among us! Getting caught up with family and friends is a MUST, but it's also amazing too that I do not have to work everyday and I can take major breaks and STILL make money :D

Gotta love it!

Well, my team mate Polina Cango started a video challenge which consists of making a video for 50 days. I couldn't let her go in this alone, so I joined her! We are able to talk about anything we want (our lives, experiences, hobbies, events, funny stuff, etc.) Whatever it is, all that matters is that we share and SHOW the world that EVERYONE has a voice.

Joining this video challenge was a step for me for self- improvement, and maybe it was just an excuse to push myself. (I love challenges :D) hehe

We strive to make differences in people's lives, and we hope that our videos will help even ONE person make a change within themselves because every human being deserves to live their dreams :D

Remember that everyone has a voice AND anyone can join us in this video challenge!


1. Make a video

2.Upload to Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, etc.

3. Use #StretchBeyondYourVision

4. Make sure you share it with us! (We want to hear the amazing things you have to say!)

5. Have fun! :D

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Did you know that you are already a leader?


Believe that ANYONE can be a leader. Everyone can be led, and everyone is actually looking for that.

You have to fill that void and show them that anyone can do what you are doing. And prove it.

You have to be confident and this will gain respect and trust. And be firm and kind, and spread your great story to the world!

Here is an outlook on traits of a leader (Simply ask yourself , “Yes, that’s me.” Or “No, that’s not me.”:


1.You long to make a difference in others. You learn, listen, and continue to strive forward.

2.You’re not waiting on bigger things to accomplish your vision for you.

3.Your dreams are so big they seem impossible.

4.You constantly look for the bigger picture.

5.You refuse to blame others for your circumstances and take responsibility for finding solutions.

6.You are quick to say, “I messed up.” And then you find a solution.

7.You value relationships more than the task at hand.

8.You walk your walk and talk your talk. You’re not perfect, but you are intentional and sincere about it.


Did you answer YES to any of these traits?


See? You are already a leader! :D


All it takes is determination, support, and that your intention is clear.

If you think you have what it takes then…. TAKE ACTION!

Be the leader that you are!


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First off, welcome to my environment! :D And to make this clear to you, my environment is YOURS too!

Someone asked me an interesting question, and it really shocked me (in a good way.) They asked, "What does the name of your site mean?"

Well, I am happy to lay it out all for you!

I believe there is a deeper meaning inside words, phrases and even song lyrics.

Just like within a person's life, there is a deeper meaning on why you decide to do what you do, say, or any decision that you make.

The same goes with why my site has the word environment in it.

The meaning of my site is this:

Environment- the conditions that surround someone or something : the conditions and influences that affect the growth, health, progress, etc.; a natural world.

So kick of your shoes and expand your mind to the possibilities. This is a safe place for ANYONE to learn, grow, succeed, and be yourself.

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Join the Video Challenge with us! Make a video with #StretchBeyondYourVision

"We don't have to explain or understand; but only look up and feel the immensity, because everything has a purpose."


Everyone want to be amazing. We all want to be happy, powerful and successful.

But no one does it alone. If you surround yourself with positive people who build you up, the sky is the limit.

Who you hang around with, determines how successful you will be.

Build a tribe of people that support you and build you up... not tear you down.

The three essential people you need in your life at all times: 

  1. A person who is older and more successful than you to learn from
  2. A person who is equal to you to exchange ideas with
  3. A person below you to coach and keep you energized

If you want to be *amazing*, then hang out with amazing people!

So, drop those loser friends already :D

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"The Possibilities Are Endless"

P.S. Join our video challenge! #StretchBeyondYourVision

SEO Tips: How To Be "Googleable!"


It doesn't take a brain scientist to figure out how to do this... but I understand if you need help!

What is SEO? It stands for "Search Engine Optimization" or how I like to call it... being "Googleable."

Knowing how to do SEO will help you look attractive.

...OK, attract potential customers. :D SEO will help your site or content be found more easily on Internet search engine (like Google). Having good SEO skills can help you rank one the FIRST page, which is what you want.

I have two free tools to help you with SEO so that you be "Googleable." Just watch my Free Tips Below:

Folllow these tips and you will be on the right track! You can use this for your business content, ads, or even for your blog. SEO will help you get the leads that you deserve!

Here is an overview of the SEO process:

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Here's to being "Googleable!"

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"The Possibilities Are Endless"

~Megan Brooks (MVP Alliance)

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